SEAI grants

SEAI grants for PV solar panel installations.

New Solar Panel Grants for Solar PV Systems

Up to €3,000 Now Available for Solar Panel installation through SEAI:
New solar panel grants have been announced by SEAI for installing Photovoltaic solar panel systems on houses built before 2011. The grants for solar panels are very generous.
€900 per Kw for up to 2Kw solar panels, then €300 for up to a further 2kw with batteries (total 4kw).
€600 for battery storage, so you can use your own electricity at night or in the event of a power cut.
Up to €3,000 grant support for a 4kw solar panel system with a battery.
Solar panels provided by Start Solar come with a 25 year production warranty so you get free electricity from your solar panel system for decades.
Help the environment AND reduce household running costs with a Start Solar solar panel.

There are terms and conditions of course required by SEAI

You need to be Pre-Approved by SEAI for the solar panel installation before commencing the works, so please contact us and we will guide you through the process and help you get pre-approved.
When the work is completed, your house must be at a BER rating of C or better
Solar panel systems up to 7 solar panels (about 2.2kw) do not require planning but if you want a larger solar panel system, you may wish to consult your local planning authority to see if a system over 7 panels can be exempt from planning.
You will need to pay a BER assessor to issue a certificate after the solar panel installation work is done.
Solar Panel
Solar Panel
Global Solar Panel Installation Network. Finance is available on all our Solar Panel Systems. Start Solar is an approved SEAI Company.

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